Mr. Kong Vara


Mr. Kong VaraIndependent Director

Mr. Vara Kong is now Chief Operating Officer of Star Fortune Co., Ltd.

Mr. Vara Kong has been appointed as Chief Operating Officer in November 01st, 2017, playing a major role in providing strategic planning and controlling to all departments to reach Star Fortune business goals.

Before joining Star Fortune Co., Ltd., he was Chief Planning Officer of MJQE in May 2017, then Chief Human Resources and Operations Officer in July 2017. With this position, he played a major role in providing strategic planning advice to all departments to reach the MJQE business goals, which includes the office of the Founder, Chairman and CEO in developing “Good Corporate Governance”, the “Table of Commitment Authority” and “Profits Sharing Policy”; the Human Resources Department in developing “Group’s Policies”, “Employee Handbook” and “HR Policies & Procedures”.

From November 2014 to January 2017, he was “Chief People Officer” of Daun Penh (Cambodia) Group managing all human resources and administration affairs of its eight subsidiaries with diversified businesses.

In his 36-year working experiences in different business sectors – such as newspapers, logging, investment, printing and media, garment manufacturing, banking, hotel and casino, general insurance, construction, import & export, food & beverage, environmental impact assessment, real estate and now education – he used to hold managerial positions ranging from Manager, Head of HR & Admin, Director of HR & Admin, Chief People Officer, Chief Planning Officer, Chief Human Resources & Operations Officer, and currently Chief Operating Officer of Star Fortune Co., Ltd.

With broad knowledge gained from his overseas exposures in Turin, Italy and Hawaii, USA, he has sometimes been invited to be trainer and/or guest speaker for training/seminar conducted locally and overseas.

He got his Baccalaureate of Second Cycle in Experimental Sciences in 1974, and Diploma of Law in 1990.