SEN SREYMACHIncense Seller

Ms. Sen Sreymach, 32 years old, Bati Village, Preychar Commune, Cheung Prey District, Kompongcham Province. Her job is incense retail seller. She got loan from PRASETHPHEAP FINANCE PLC amount $10,000 in order to enlarge her business. Before getting loan from PF, she can earn little income and has little clients and didn’t have the car to pick up incenses to her customers on time. During that time, she was very difficult to deliver her incenses to her customers. After got loan from PF, she can earn more income and has had more customers and now can has a care that is easy for deliver incenses to the customers on time. Moreover, she is now repairing her house to be bigger than before. She would like to thank PF that provided loan to her and without loan from PF, she doesn’t have everything right now.

MAO BOVegetable Seller

Mr. Mao Bo, 55 years old, Tanong Village, Krangampil Commune, Samrongtong District, Kompongspeu Province. His job is vegetable seller. Before got loan from PRASETHPHEAP FINANCE PLC, amount $10,000 he was difficult to pour water to his vegetable and take much time with being tired. At that time, he had small house and being difficult to live especially in rainy season. After got loan from PF, he bought a new machine to pour water to the vegetable and can save much time to do other work as well. Currently can build a new house and can generate more income than the previous time. He also appreciates PF’s staff that is hospital and serve fast service to his and other clients in his village. Finally, he would like to that PF that can emerge his family from the poor.